Basic use tutorial Woocommerce Simple & Linked Product Swatches

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This article belongs to WooCommerce simple and linked product swatches plugin

Lets assume that we have three linked products

Product 1. Honor 9N (Purple, 64 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

Product  2. Honor 9N (Purple, 32 GB)  (3 GB RAM)


Product  3. Honor 9N (Sapphire Blue, 32 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

Create separate simple product for each. While creating make sure you set attribute this way. In screenshot you can see attributes for product 1


After that visit “Linked product swatches” menu under woocommerce and click on add new block. and combine linked products as shown in the screenshot.

If you check any of three product you will see text swatches on simple products.  Plugin automatically finds best product link based on product attributes.

Text swatches are activated by default. If you want it to change to color or image select click on “customize attribute” button and define values.

Thats it. If you like the plugin make sure to rate the product and If you have any suggestion/feature request or you need any help please contact plugin support.

Here’s a sample config for one of demo product.